Coating Society of the Houston Area

2020 Officers

President:                              Rachel Herrington

                                          Thermal Polymer Systems


Vice-President:                   Amber Anderson



Treasurer:                                Belinda Gibson

                                                  Law Valve of Texas



Secretary:                                Pete Mitchell

                                                        GMA Garnet


2020 Board of Directors

Amy Hoke, BGE

Andrew Swan, M-Test

Anthony Grigsby, Carboline

Belinda Gibson, Law Valve of Texas

Brian Battle, DH Tech

Charmaine Phillips, International Paint

Dwayne Lum, Carboline

Ed Fuller, Sponge Jet

Eric Piotrowski, SSPC

Ernie McDaniel, GMA Garnet

Hector Solis, Ames Tools

Jeanne Haner, Blastlink USA

Jeff Bogran, The Warehouse Rentals & Supplies

Joe King, Mineral Tech

Josh Grey, Elcometer

Kat Coronado, International Paint

Ken Rossy, HoldTight Solutions

Kevin Kelleher, Continental Coatings Inc.

Loren Hatle, Corrosion Exchange, LLC

Manny Nerios, PPG Industries

Michael Stelmach, Salsbury Industries

Pete Mitchell, GMA Garnet

Peter Bock, PPA LLC

Phil Muller, Dow Chemical

Raleigh Whitehead, Retired

Robin Frye, TF Warren

Sherry Klimple, APE Companies

Skyler Zochert, Quality Product Finishing

Steven Acker, PPG

Tom Swan, M-Test

William Goulette, GC&S

What We Do

Who We Are

The primary objective of the Coating Society is to act as a conduit for exchanging ideas, experiences, and best practices for protective coating for the purpose of corrosion mitigation. To achieve this goal the Coating Society conducts regular membership meetings throughout the year, holding fundraising and networking events, and awards academic scholarships.

The Coating Society of the Houston Area was established in 1956 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the purpose of promoting education and best practices in corrosion control and to expand the knowledge and proper use of protective coatings to mitigate the effects or corrosion in industry.


Our membership consists of individuals and companies in Southeast Texas and neighboring areas, that are involved in all aspects of protective coatings including end users, applicators, inspectors, manufacturers and suppliers.

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