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Jack Mobley Scholarship

• Applicant must be 35 years old or younger
• Applicant must live in the Houston area to receive scholarship.
• This scholarship is only used to obtain their NACE level ONE and you can’t have taken a NACE CIP class before.
• This pays ONLY for the class, not the hotel, travel expenses, etc.
• The scholarship check for $2000 will be given to NACE and not the actually participant, that way when they sign up for their class, it’s already paid for. (We will give the applicant an award certificate of congratulations at a specified date)
• Just like on the regular scholarships, whoever the applicants are applying under has to be present at 4 meetings
• For the final selection process, applicant will write a letter to the Houston Coating Society explaining how they believe the Jack Mobley Career Advancement Scholarship will further their career. This letter does not have any limitations on length, we just want to know how you believe this scholarship with help their future and advance their career forward.
Applicable dates:
Oct 2018- Feb 28, 2019: We will be accepting applications via email
Feb – March: Winners will be determined by CSHA committee
Painters Competition/TradeShow: Winners announced
Past Presidents Meeting: Certificates Presented
 Email Scholarships To:

Coating Society of the Houston Area Scholastic Scholarship

  • 1. All applications are due by Nov. 15 and winners will be announced Dec 1 at the Christmas party
  • 2. They must show proof that they’ve registered for school. (most sent a transcript in with their app)
  • 3. Whoever their sponsor is from the Coating Society must have attended 3 meetings throughout the year