The Meeting will take place on April 1, 2021 at the American Legion Post 521

Address: 2221 Preston Road Pasadena, TX 77503

Early registration - $25

Onsite registration - $30


Trade Show Meeting: 4:00 PM

Board Meeting – 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Social – 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Dinner – 6:30 PM

Meeting - 7:00 PM

Speaker – 7:00 PM​



Global Asset Solutions Partner, COO

Aerial Drone Detection: Aerial Inspection for Leak Detection Visual Inspection of any Asset to Reduce Costs & Mitigate Safety Risks on Projects Mr. Schwab has been a pilot in manned aviation with over 24 years of flight experience utilizing an instrument rating and commercial privileges in both Multi-Engine/Single-Engine airplanes. He also possesses a remote license for small unmanned aerial systems with over 5 years of flight experience with TOPS level 2 certification.

He has been teaching as a Lead Drone Instructor with Dart Drones for over 4 years.

Mr. Schwab has over 30 years of overall experience in Software and Systems Engineering in various domains including Weapon/Turret Control (Crusader SelfPropelled Howitzer, MK-45 5”/54 caliber gun, MK-46 30 mm/.50 cal gun), Command & Control (Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensor, PATRIOT Missile System, MK-41 Missile Interface Cabinet), Embedded Missile System (Stand Missile II Block IVA, Dome Cooling System), and Modbus/PLS companies such as BAE Systems, United Defense, General Dynamics C4 Systems, General Dynamics Amphibious Systems and Raytheon Missile Systems Division.

April 1, 2021

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